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Look beyond the world you know with travel!

This website was born from the experience of three friends who began traveling together during their university days. Very soon we realized that we three shared a passion for travel. We loved to go beyond our own “world” and the everyday realities in our midst to learn about new cultures and to have new experiences, all things that travel presents.

Over our years as students we had the opportunity to travel to many different countries. By sharing travel plans with friends or even teachers we encountered in many cases ramparts of ignorance and prejudice, or unfounded clichés about places in which these people had never been. Their opinions were formed according to what they had heard from others.

Soon we began to discover that many people deprive themselves of traveling both to places well known and even more so to lesser known places. The former because priorities are more focused on daily life and the latter due to a fear of the unknown.

In our case, most of our travel opportunities flourished. We enjoyed wonderful experiences that helped us grow and understand that each country has wonderful people and beautiful places that most people are eager to proudly display as their national and regional attractions. We also learned to face adversity when problems occurred, especially when traveling, a situation that is quite inevitable.

After years of travel, this shared passion has not diminished. We wanted to do even more with what we have experienced. This involves reducing the amount of misinformation and prejudice that many have and by asserting our objective experiences in a public way that will promote respectful and fair travel and tourism for many others who are curious about undertaking worldwide adventures.

Each trip brings unique experiences and it is true that traveling is something you learn. This learning is never exhausted and it constantly enriches not only our experiences but also those of all whom we encounter on our journeys and now with via this site the world beyond.

Thus, will all our experiences at hand we decided to launch thejoysoftraveling.com as a place to present destinations, travel experiences, videos and photographs to promote respectful and informed tourism to be of benefit to both the traveler and those who living in the destinations which that particular traveler chooses.

Initially we began by presenting only our personal experiences, but now the site has begun to enrich the experiences of others. We soon followed with articles in Spanish and eventually developed a separate page for those in the Spanish-speaking travel world. Today anyone can write and submit to us their own experiences, or send us their videos and photographs at: these will of course be subject to review in keeping with our standards of writing and objective content. Provided all material is original and the other standards met the article will be published and the author given credit for his/her work.


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