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Jan 16

Visa requirements to enter Macau. How to get a visa to enter Macau?

Border crossings and visa requirements are essential to know before you go


Getting into Macau is a very straightforward procces. It is possible to enter the country using the international airport, the ferry ports or the land crossing with Mainland China.

Citizens of 71 countries are exempted from a visa requirement. It is important to keep in mind that sometimes immigration agents can ask for an exit ticket when entering the country. As well if one is moving to another country from Macau where one will be a tourist an exit ticket from that country must be produced upon departure as well. The reservation has to be printed on paper and it is not acceptable in an electronic device.

For all the other countries the visa is granted on arrival. One has to go through an special window and buy the visa which costs 15 USD, it is valid for one month and it grants multiple entries.

Finally there are six countries (Bangladesh, Nepal, Nigeria, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Vietnam) that are required to have a visa before arriving to Macau. This visa can be obtained in any of the Chinese diplomatic missions abroad.

This is the list of the 71 countries that do not need visa to enter Macau (this list can change at anytime)


Andorra Indonesia Bosnia and Herzegovina
Australia Ireland Norway
Austria Israel Philippines
Belgium Italy Poland
Brazil Japan Portugal
Canada Kiribati Romania
Chile Latvia Samoa
Croatia Lebanon Seychelles
Cyprus Liechtenstein Singapore
Czech Lithuania Slovak
Denmark Luxembourg Slovenia
Egypt Macedonia South Africa
Estonia Malaysia South Korea
Finland Mali Spain
France Malta Sweden
Germany Mexico Switzerland
Greece Monaco Tanzania
Hungary Mongolia Thailand
Iceland Namibia Turkey
India Netherlands United Kingdom
Cape Verde New Zealand Uruguay
Commonwealth of Dominica Bulgaria U.S.A.
San Marino Montenegro Brunei
Albania Russia


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