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Jan 05

Transport from Karon Beach to Phuket International Airport

S & P Travel in Karon Beach can arrange for affordable transfers


Transport in and around Phuket is varied and can be confusing when one is exploring options.  Prices from the airport to Karon Beach can range from 600 Baht in a shared taxi van upwards of 800-2,000 Baht in a private taxi and hotel pickups can range up tp 1700 Baht. Around the airport there are so many competing agencies, prices can be more affordable. For the return trip from Karon Beach to the airport one has to search around more for options. Tuk Tuks and taxis at the time of writing can range 1,300 Baht for a one way journey and can be a bit crowded with luggage.  The best option is to head to the S & P Karon Travel store which is right in the heart of Karon at 677 Patak Road. Phone: 081-797 8982 They can arrange a private car pick up for 2-3 persons for 800 Baht that arrives right to your hotel and brings you to the airport promptly.  This is an excellent and trustworthy service that is much more affordable than any hotel and public taxi options I found in Karon Beach.



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