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Jul 27

The best Tented hotels of the world

The impressive setting of Al Maha Desert Resort in UAE

The Wilderness produces some kind of fascination in most of us. It is the combination of being in close contact with nature and the feeling that in some ways these places make us one with the world. It is for that reason that human beings love camping, it brings a special kind of experience that is not possible to get in a regular hotel. We are talking here about exotic places, located in the inner sanctum of nature and in direct contact with the outdoors. It shouldn’t be an experience only for some intrepid and adventurous persons. The love of the outdoors has allowed for the creation of a very unique type of hotel. These are the ones called tented camps. These hotels combine the beauty of the natural experience in a unique location with the best of five star service. There are not many of these type of properties, normally they are small with only a few rooms. These kinds of hotels distinguish themselves by an impeccable service manifest and the unique experience that they offer to their privileged guests. We have chosen here five properties that are the best of this kind in the world. One can expect the best standards in the industry in some of the most fantastic locations around the world.

Four Seasons Golden Triangle Thailand


This is certainly one of the most beautiful tented hotels. Four seasons is already synonymous with excellent service and acute attention to detail. The guests of this property can expect to live one of the most amazing Four Seasons experiences. It is located in the exotic Northern border of Thailand, very close to Burma and Laos. Part of the experience includes elephant excursions where one can enjoy magnificent natural scenery. The luxury tents are incredibly beautiful, with handcrafted wooden furniture, many of these tents are located high up in the trees with a unique view and are surrounded by exotic vegetation. The food is spectacular and of course being in Thailand one can easily expect to enjoy of some of the best spa experiences in the world. The hotel caters to adults and teens, it operates in all inclusive packages too. It is not cheap, but really it is worth every penny. In one of our past articles we have already included this place as one of the destinations one should go to even if one could only travel once in a lifetime. Without doubt we can reaffirm today that this is one of the most incredible places that a visitor can enjoy, especially if one is a nature lover. Come an explore the refined pleasure of a high class hotel while losing nothing of nature’s finest ingredients.


Al-Maha Desert Resort Dubai


What a better place for a tented hotel than a desert and what a better place for a luxury hotel than Dubai! Al-Maha Desert Resort combines both. It is a luxury property nestled in the middle of a conservation reserve. It is close enough to the city to enjoy all the excitement that Dubai has to offer, but far enough outside to bring a experience of solitude and close contact with the wilderness in a place that offers top notch service.

There are a total of 42 suites, each one in an special location with direct contact to the beauty of this amazing oasis. Guests enjoy two complimentary activities every day such as horse riding or desert safaris. This award wining resort offers great dining options, including dining under the stars or a succulent in room dinner or enjoying the delicacies of the Al-Diwan restaurant. It is not a coincidence that many visitors do not hesitate to refer to this property as the best hotel of Dubai, a title that is really hard to get in such a hot market. Maybe it is the wilderness, or the amazing facilities or the personalized attention, but certainly this is one of the best tented hotels in the world.


Banyan Tree Madivaru Maldives

Maldives is an idyllic location. It is famous for the beauty of its crystal clear waters and the wonders of each one of the resorts. This tented Banyan Tree is located not far from the capital called Male. It only takes 30 minutes via sea plane to reach this paradise. This is certainly an exclusive place, one that the visitor will never forget. There is no better diving and snorkeling opportunity to take advantage of than here in Maldives.

Banyan Tree offers only six huge tented villas, each one with a private pool and separate areas for dining, sleeping and relaxation. The spa experience that is famous of this chain can be enjoyed in room or in the spa facilities where employees trained in Thailand and China will make anyone forget all kinds of stress and worries. Most of the packages are all inclusive and guests have the possibility of enjoying high level dining in the villa, in the restaurant or on the beach. This is the ideal destination to enjoy an unforgettable honeymoon or for those who want to take a once in a lifetime trip. The amazing thing is that many of the visitors of this super luxury, small tented hotel are guests repeating the experience, that speaks to the high expectations that anyone visiting this place can set.


Orient Express Botswana

Africa cannot be the exception on the list of places with some of the most beautiful tented hotels. Orient express is actually a group of three properties all in very special locations that offer an amazing experience of direct contact with nature and wildlife. All three camps are operated under the same management and this brings the opportunity of enjoying the three facilities in combined packages that normally include transportation from the airport, meals, and other entertainment. The rooms are actually elevated tents, with generous space and all the luxuries and comforts that one can expect from the best five star hotels. Khwai river lodge is famous for its excellent safari opportunities and for the diversity of the wildlife. Eagle camp has probably the most idyllic location in a remote island with some of the most spectacular views of sea and sky. Savute Camp is of the best places to observe elephants in their natural state. There are a total of 39 elegantly appointed tents. There are swimming pools in each one of the camps and impressive observation decks. These camps are certainly places where one can come to rest and get disconnected from the worries and stresses of daily life.


Thanda Private game Reserve, South Africa

South Africa is one of the most desirable destinations for safari lovers. This is a country blessed by the beauty of nature and with incredible diversity. It has some of the best tourist infrastructure in Africa. Thanda private game reserve can be found here, this property is part of The Leading Hotels of the World brand.  It offers standard rooms, but probably the most beautiful part of the experience is reserved for those who choose to stay in the tented camp.  In this private reserve it is possible to see some of the most exotic animals including Rhinos, leopards and lions and many others even some endangered species. Thanda Game Reserve offers excellent spa facilities and many great culinary experiences.  The heart of the experiences here are the safaris and the contact with local tribes, but for those who love the beach it is actually not far from the camp, maybe just an hour away, so the best of both experiences can be combined in one trip. There are only five tents. All are arranged with amazing taste. The best of all the tents is the called the honeymoon tent that features a jacuzzi with impressive views of the reservation. Those staying in the tents can take advantage of the excellent facilities located in the main building that includes several restaurants of great quality.

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