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Jan 07

A good and affordable Macanese – Portuguese restaurant in Macau

Round the Clock Cafe at Grand Lisboa Hotel and Casino is an excellent and affordable option for local cuisine


Macau is an amazing city that has undergone incredible development in the last years, tourism, gambling and refined hotels are the main source of income. There is no shortage of high class restaurants, but it  is obvious that most of the venues cater to the Chinese population who are the main visitors to this territory. For a westerner it can be hard sometimes to find an affordable, good restaurant. Most of the fine gourmet options are quite expensive, the cheapest restaurants  may not be good or they only accept cash. Macau has as well has a very rich patrimony of Portuguese influences that can be reflected in the traditional Macanese food. The Grand Lisboa hotel and casino is a symbol of Macau and inside is located the “round the clock café” an excellent informal restaurant serving delicious local Macanese and Portuguese dishes. This is a quite an affordable option that serves excellent quality meals. We personally tried different dishes and found ourselves very satisfied. The Portuguese rice in a whole pineapple is especially tasty or the sea bass in traditional Portuguese style. A person will not pay normally more than 15 or 20 USD including a drink.



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