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This is a section of the site dedicated to the members of the press and media. We want to open here channels of communication and mutual collaboration. Here it is possible to find some interesting information about our page, what we do and how we understand the world of traveling as well as some facts and resources that may help you to present our page or some of our trips. A good way to start is by reading the “who we are” section or taking a look at our press and media kit (you can send an e-mail to us to request it).  If you need any of this material you are free to use it as long the publication will be in relationship to our page. We are always open to more questions so anyone can contact us at anytime at this e-mail address: editorialboard@thejoysoftraveling.com


A website that delivers a unique perspective


- We are not a simple travel journal, but a complete travel Web page.

- Our posts are not based upon a cult of individual personalities or writers but on the respective destinations and the beauties of traveling.

- We deliver articles that are centered around creating new travel ideas, offering personal travel experiences and generating a forum for open analysis and discussion of current travel trends.

- The site is an initiative that was created among normal people, we are not full time travelers, but professionals who understand the limitations and possibilities of the majority of people, still we actively encourage traveling as a way to enrich lives.

- We are respectful of all destinations and diverse cultures,  our main objective is to promote an accountable tourism that benefits the destination and the person in his or her self.

- We deliver information with objectivity and we try to work with local authorities and tourism boards to make sure that we are respecting local conditions and promoting the destination from a point of view that is fair with the local population.

- We always present alternatives for all different kinds of people and budgets. We are not committed with just one kind of travel, but with the experience of traveling overall, be it cheap, mid-ranged or expensive, we believe that the persons have the right to know all the possibilities and then judge and choose what better adapts to them.

- Most of the material on the page belongs to the editorial team: pictures, videos and information has been (and continues to be) collected on personal trips. Our editorial team prefers to reserve their names so they can continue traveling without being recognized which allows for a greater objectivity in our experiences.  We as well accept some contributor articles. We work to assure the quality and originality of all the content in our page and we are always open to suggestions and corrections.


A page that is growing fast!


- What began as a project of a group of friends has become a professional adventure.

- Our page now receives more than 25,000 unique visitors each month and almost 80,000 page views.

- We have an ever expanding network of followers on Facebook, Twitter and we have just launched a profile on VK.

- Interaction is one of our main goals, readers can interact with us on Facebook and Twitter, leaving comments on our page or directly writing us via e-mail. We are always open to questions and we have helped many people to plan their travel adventures on a free basis. We love when others can relive our experiences in their own trips!


“I don’t know anyone who has been to Siberia. That’s why this post on The Joys of Traveling caught my attention, and it turned out to be a lovely read about a country I know very little about. With snippets of personal experiences encountered along the journey and a sprinkling of facts about the geography and culture of this vast wilderness, I now know that if I really want to get away from it all for a peaceful, back-to-nature road trip, the ‘sleeping land’ could be the place to head.” 

                                                                                                Holly Cave, 101 Holidays. 


“These on-the-ground writers offer an authentic insight into traveling and living at the bottom of the world, in the shadow of the Andes. So what is it that draws them here, and why do they stay? In an article by The Joys of Traveling, three avid travelers outline a select five adjectives to try to sum up what it was that drew them to Chile. We couldn’t agree more.”

                                                                                                This is Chile 


 Here are some nice pictures that show the diversity of our trips and experiences.

These pictures are free, If you need some to illustrate an article about The Joys of Traveling just contact us by e-mail and we will send some to you.

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