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May 29

Munich Transit Pass

Munich's modern transit system

Munich is a city set in the heart of blossoming Bavaria and it is also a major layover spot for International flights so chances are at some point or another even if you haven’t planned on a trip to Munich directly you may find yourself with some time to do so. The airport is a fair distance from the city and tickets are affordable yet costs can add up. There are two systems of transit, the U bahn which is mostly underground and the S Bahn which is mostly above ground trains. The entire system of maps and fares can be accessed on the transit authority site here.

The different zones and cards which benefit locals and people on a long stay range greatly, but in most cases those staying for a few days shouldn’t get caught up in looking for such a pass, it might not prove its worth and can be confusing. The best bet for a small group of up to five people is to purchase the day pass which covers up to five persons and is good for any rail or subway ride until 6 am the following day. This group pass is 20 Euros.

It is excellent on your way in so as to have the ride to the city and any further movements that day taken care of. It is a good thing to grab on your day back to the airport as well. In the interim it is best just to buy the single fare tickets just from one point to another. The honor system is in place, yet you still must validate your tickets and plainclothes ticket checkers do surface now and then. The city occupies very flat terrain and which is typical of the Bavarian countryside, but it can be quite spread out so the well-connected metro and train network make transit a quick and enjoyable process. Enjoy Munich!


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