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May 28

Restaurant Recommendation in Pristina Kosovo

The fresh delicacies of Tiffany's

So you find yourself in the Balkans, more specifically in the capital of Kosovo known as Pristina. The restaurant scene is a bit more hidden than you might like or simply not knowing Kosovan type food you are wondering what’s good? A great place and a favorite among locals and visitors alike is Tiffany’s. It is an upscale place for these parts, but don’t worry its not stuffy at all.  Every hotel operator and taxi will be able to point you in the right direction for this unmarked landmark.


The restaurant boasts a constantly changing menu that comes from ingredients purchased fresh from the market daily. The reason there’s no menu? Well prices are very very affordable and the dishes vary every day, so even after a hearty meal your tab will be financially one of the cheapest you’ve ever paid and the meal one of the most savory and memorable you’ve ever delighted in. The menu usually consists of many types of grilled meats, baked vegetables, meats and cheeses in clay pots and loads of other surprises. The staff and chefs are very friendly and one can even make a request for other dishes and substitutes, it has its own unique charm that a fixed menu would otherwise suppress. Keep in mind that the atmosphere is smoky as this is still common in Kosovo and lots of people and families gather here every day for lunch and dinner.


Tiffany’s is certainly one of a kind, the food is savory and authentically local, the atmosphere is informal and laid back and best of all it is an unforgettably affordable experience.  It is an experience that without which a visit to Pristina, dare say I Kosovo would be incomplete.





RR Fehmi Agani, Pristina; Kosovo

Phone: +381 38 24 40 40


Hours: 09:00-23:00

Sun: 18:00-23:00


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