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Jul 31

Traveling during hurricane season

We are almost in July and many people feel like summer is starting to go away, so they want to put together some last minute travel plans. The Caribbean is always on top of the list of destinations. It is a fact that the main vacation season in United states is at the same time the main hurricane season occurs down there. Anxieties and fears come to anyone before scheduling a trip to this region for these coming months. The obvious questions are in the best of the cases, would have one to cancel a trip because of a bad storm? This may mean losing tons of money because most of the tickets are not refundable or one would just end up in the living room for days without doing anything. The worst case scenario that people fear is to be trapped in the midst of one of these horrible storms. The truth is that the second possibility almost never happens and it is as real as the possibility of facing a disaster right in our own homes. The first possibility is more real and many people have experienced the frustration of having to cancel a dreamed vacation. In this short piece we want to analyze the pros and cons of scheduling a vacation at this time of the year.

Dealing with the weather

From June to September weather changes a lot in Central America and the whole Caribbean region.  The possibilities of having a flight cancelled are real, but probably not bigger than what we experience in winter season or even during rainy summers in the United States. Most people picture rainy seasons like a time in which from early morning to late night they will only see storms and lighting. Like in any other part of the world, the rainy season means that you will see more abundant precipitation. But this is something anyone can deal with. Most flights have no problem reaching their destinations even with strong rains. It is normal to experience more moderate turbulences at this time but nothing that puts in risk the safety of the flight. The best way to deal with it is by not scheduling a tight vacation. It is better to give an extra cushion of days in case the flight is delayed.

Popular beach destinations such as Costa Rica will see a lot of rain from June to October. One just has to learn the rhythm of these showers over there. Normally one can expect to see blue skies and the sun shining in the morning and hard rains in the afternoon. So one just have to break up the day, the mornings are for the outdoors and the afternoons for lazy naps or reading a book in the room.

It is very rare to have a whole vacation cancelled because of weather even during the worst part of the season.


Are there any pros of traveling during hurricane season?

I will say yes! And I know many of the readers will be surprised to hear this.

Hurricane season means low season in the Caribbean and Central America. So almost no one is there. The first obvious consequence is noticeable in the prices. Hotels can be as low as 40% their normal cost and the same thing happens with airplane tickets. On the other hand locals are not so tired with the mobs of tourists and they have a more open and positive attitude toward visitors. It is important to keep in mind that most business stay open all year round.

Low season means no lines for attractions. Amazing hotels at bargain prices and the whole beach for oneself.


What about cruising?

I have taken several cruises during low season. Maybe I have been lucky, but I always enjoyed sunny days. I know others have experience not such pleasant weather,but like anything else it is rare to have a whole cruise cancelled because of storms. The technology on these ships is amazing and they are normally able to detect the storms and avoid that bad weather. Cruising is a very safe way of enjoying a vacation even with the recent news from Europe, it is important to understand that in the last years it is on few occasions that a cruise has had a problem, it is possible to always see a human error involved in these cases. I do not think twice about taking advantage of the bargains of the low season. The only problem may be for people who feel dizzy, since in bad weather the ship shakes a little bit more, but with the right pills even that has a solution.


What can be done to prevent losing money because of the weather?

Most of the bargains of the low season are not refundable. So if the trip gets cancelled what can one not to lose one’s joy on top of having lost some hard earned cash? The answer is easy. Get travel insurance. One will be surprised how affordable travel insurance can be and the many benefits that it offers. I always tell my friends travel insurance is something you buy with the hope of not having to use it ever, but if you need it you will want to have it. Just be sure that your travel insurance covers your whole trip.

Then go ahead and pay it since the same trip you are taking in low season is already a bargain, since the same trip at any other time of the year will cost twice or even more.


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