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Aug 29

How to stay healthy during travel

Traveling is certainly a great experience. There are so many exciting places to visit and so much to see, smell and taste. It seems that in some ways all our senses get a part in the experience of traveling. It is as well an opportunity to get out of the routine and to get exposed to new realities. It should be a positive experience, one that improves body and soul. It is sad that in many opportunities this is not the case. People frequently find themselves tired, stressed and overeating. It takes a long time to develop an exercise routine and certainly it is not worthwhile to lose it just because of a vacation. The fact of being exposed to new and wonderful foods should not be an excuse in itself to consume thousands of calories and fats per day. Traveling should actually empower not only physical but spiritual health. Here are some tips to get back home renewed, at the end your body will be thankful with you.

Before the trip:


It is a nice thing to work hard getting ready for the trip, but do not kill the joy even before going out of home. Time is the best ally for a good planning. There is nothing good about getting all nervous and not resting for days before a trip. Many people do not even sleep the night before, as they are packing and printing documents. Travel is supposed to be fun and the process of getting ready for such an experience should not be a nightmare. Pack light, bring all the necessary documentation, explore the internet, think in the possible emergencies during the trip and how to solve them. A travel insurance is a good call, but overall get a good night’s sleep.


How to beat jet lag and other complications related with travel:


Jet lag is a common problem that messes up trips. Start getting ready to fight it before the trip. Get a good rest in the previous days before the flight. Drink a lot of water. Avoid alcohol and coffee if possible from the day before the trip and during the flight. Airplane cabins are very dry environments and caffeine and alcohol contribute to dehydration and this is one of the main factors responsible for jet lag. Try to avoid heavy meals from the day before and it is important to keep in mind that no one has to eat everything that is served in the plane! Once the destination has been reached it is vital to get adjusted as much as possible with the local hour. Do not take naps, but await until nighttime to go to bed. Eat at normal eating times in accord with local hours. Sun light is very important, so go out and take a stroll, because sunlight is the best way to tell your body it is still daytime on this side of the world.

During the trip:

Do not panic, the possibilities of suffering a robbery or a kidnapping are small, of course these are different from one city to another, but it will depend a lot on the traveler. No one has to show all their money around, that attracts undesirable attention in any place of the world. It is important to know if a particular area is safe or not, every single city of the world has areas that are more or less dangerous. Why should one carry their camera all out in the open? Yes it is important to take pictures and videos, but the camera has not to be out all the time, just when it is needed. Preventing a robbery will safeguard mental health. To lose documents or money during travel is a very stressful situation. But it is important to be ready for that as well, one should have the phone number of the consulate or embassy, and a photocopy of all the important documents in a safe place that is easy to reach.

Physical health is fundamental as well. We just said how hard it is to build an exercise routine. So there is no need to stop that during the trip. Actually there may be many new motivations, most of the hotels have nicely equipped gyms, it is sad to know that there is a very low percentage of guests who take advantage of it. I know one may want to wake up little late, but why not to start the day with exercise, maybe even running is a great idea or walking and in this way one can see new places and interact with new people. I caught myself practicing tai chi every morning in Singapore during my ten days trip over there: certainly a highlight of my vacation. It is very important to watch what one eats. Of course the body is adjusted to what it is eaten at home, so there are enough reasons to be prudent about what to eat during travel. Many hotels include amazing breakfast buffets in the room rate. There is no need to taste every single item in the buffet. It is better to plan meals and start with a natural healthy breakfast. Then a light lunch and why not to taste a local dish for dinner. All this can be done without killing ourselves with calorie bombs.

Another great idea is walking. Most of the tourist spots, especially in Europe are within walking distance, one can save a bunch of money and get to see more if one decides to walk. It is amazing the exercise that can be done in this way. The only problem is that it has been proven that travelers who walk have the tendency to overindulge with eating, having a false belief that they have done too much exercise.

After the trip:


A good trip should bring new energy, and one has to feel recharge to jump again into their routine. After all going back to daily life is not too bad, so the best thing is to do it as soon as possible. It is actually in the days after vacation that more people lose their discipline. Just start exercising and eating healthy as soon you are back at home. This will help you to feel better and to avoid any kind of depression related with a nostalgia of a good trip. At the end we just have to work hard, enjoy life and start planning as soon as possible a new adventure for the upcoming vacation.


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