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 Tunis: The Charm of North Africa 26/02/2012

Relaxing views along Tunisia’s Cote D’Azur 22/02/2012

An abode of Tranquility: The Residence Tunis 19/02/2012



Sinai and Red Sea Excursions 15/02/2012

St. Catherine’s Monastery: The heart of the Sinai Wilderness 22/01/2012

Taba Heights: an oasis for international cuisine 27/12/2011

Choosing from among the best: a comparative hotel review of Taba Heights 28/11/2011

Taba: The perfect beach holiday 11/07/2011

Egypt: the quest for the perfect spa in Taba Heights 23/06/2011



Tangier: The experienced Moroccan city 20/09/2012

Fes: The allure of ancient North Africa 09/01/2012


South Africa

South Africa: A country with beauty beyond our imagination 05/05/2012





Traveling on a cruise: a trip to the Bahamas 17/04/2012

Naussau: a soothing stay on the island of enchantment 19/03/2012



Bolivia: a fascinating destination to discover 26/02/2012



Visiting Santiago de Chile 14/11/2012

Chile: some adjectives to describe a wonderful destination 20/03/2012



Travel video: Cartagena, Colombia 10/09/2012

Travel video of Medellin Colombia 23/08/2012

Monteria: a city of unique cultural appeal 01/08/2012

Cartagena: Colombia’s showcase city 24/07/2012

Medellin: Colombia’s city of progress 17/07/2012

Bogota: a city closer to the stars 07/07/2012


Costa Rica

The magic beauty of Costa Rica 26/09/2012

A perfect vacation on the Pacific coast of Costa Rica 29/03/2012



Antigua Guatemala: simply unforgettable 06/28/2012

Guatemala: a perfect journey 06/26/2012



One and Only Pamilla, Mexico: where tranquility meets seaside grandeur 14/06/2012


Turks and Caicos

Turks and Caicos: one of nature’s purest hideaways 10/05/2012


United States


Hotel Review: Four Seasons Resort Jackson Hole Wyoming 15/11/2012

Sarasota: Florida’s city of Metropolitan flavor 14/10/2012

Hotel Review: JW Marriott Grande Lakes. Orlando, Florida 05/10/2012

Exploring Memphis 25/08/2012

Alaska: vast expanses of frontier beauty 17/05/2012

St. Augustine: The charm of an old city 13/05/2012

Memphis the birthplace of Blues and the home of Rock and Roll 12/05/2012

Arkansas: Maybe is time to plan a different vacation! 09/05/2012

Boca Grande: a town which time forgot 14/04/2012

American elegance at its best in these five great hotels in New York: 10/04/2012

Take a look to worthwhile destinations beyond Manhattan: Visiting Harriman, Woodbury, Monroe and the Bear Mountain. 08/04/2012

Should one come to New York? What to do in the Big Apple? 05/04/2012

Great Smoky Mountains: Venture into the depths of nature 16/02/2012

San Diego: Where the Sun Always Shines 15/02/2012

Fort Lauderdale: a city redefining beachfront expectations 08/12/2011

Northeastern Pennsylvania: a region always in season 07/12/2011

La Crosse: a city of natural beauty and friendly encounters 16/11/2011

Fort De Soto Park, a majestic display of island nature in Florida 02/04/2012





Special Travel Report: Bhutan, The mystical kingdom of the Himalayas 08/03/2012



How to prepare for a trip to China? 04/01/2013

Mandarin Oriental Sanya: a tropical haven in China 09/06/2012

Guangzhou: China’s ultramodern metropolis 14/12/2012

Hotel Review: Shangri-La Guangzhou, China 12/12/2012

Sanya: China’s tropical paradise 08/12/2012

Mandarin Oriental Sanya: Am I lost in Paradise? 07/12/2012

Hotel review: JW Marriott Shenzhen, China 05/12/2012

Shenzhen, China: an amazing story of development 03/12/2012

Airline review: Air China 30/11/2012

Mandarin Oriental Sanya: a tropical haven in China 09/06/2012

A two week sojourn in Beijing 27/05/2011

Discover Tianjin 07/12/2011



Hotel Review: Raffles Le Royal, Phnom Phenh, Cambodia. A Destination at which to be surprised.08/08/2012


Hong Kong

Lantau Island: Hong Kong’s mystical escape 21/10/2012

Hong Kong: Asia’s World City 08/10/2012

Hong Kong: a big city on a small Island 23/12/2011



Hotel Review: Umaid Bhawan Palace, a Taj hotel in Jodhpur, India. 13/11/2012

Kerala: India’s southern paradise 22/05/2012

Mumbai, India: a city that offers much more behind all the firsthand appearances. 03/04/2012



Traveling to Israel: A meaningful experience 27/05/2012



Visiting the Christian holy places of Jordan (Second Part) 28/10/2012

How to enjoy the Dead Sea in Jordan without paying expensive rates in the luxury resorts 25/10/2012

Visiting the Christian holy places of Jordan (first Part) 18/10/2012

An ancient story in art: Madaba 19/02/2012

The Dead Sea: a site of wonder and rejuvenation 04/02/2012



Hotel Review: The Conrad Macau: passion for service and luxury 11/01/2013

Reasons to visit Macau 08/01/2013

Macau: an enchanting place to tour and play 28/08/2012



Two great hotels in Kuala Lumpur 27/12/2012

Celebrating Christmas in Kuala Lumpur 26/12/2012

Kuala Lumpur: highlights from Malaysia’s city of energy and excitement 16/04/2012

Kuantan in Malaysia: An awesome find when one goes beyond the planned journey. 13/04/2012



Getting into Maldives 02/06/2012

Hilton Maldives Iru Fushi: a destination in paradise 08/06/2012



Bethlehem in Palestine: a beautiful spiritual destination behind a giant wall 04/03/2012



Singapore: Take a look at wonders beyond the imagination 12/04/2012

Singapore: city of dreams 22/01/2012



Visiting Taipei 09/09/2011



Review: Mayfair Marriott Executive Apartments Bangkok 19/01/2013

Patong Beach Phuket, Thailand 18/01/2013

Karon Beach in Phuket, Thailand 10/01/2013

Hotel review: Hilton Arcadia Phuket, Karon Beach, Thailand 05/01/2013

A New Year’s Day experience in Bangkok Thailand 03/01/2013

What can one expect from a trip to Thailand? 13/06/2012

Bangkok: a destination to treasure 07/03/2012

Paradise in Phuket: The Westin Siray Bay 21/03/2012



Ankara: discovering Turkey’s capital 23/11/2012

Hotel Review: JW Marriott Ankara, Turkey 19/11/2012

Istanbul: the metropolis which spans the divide 01/04/2012


United Arabic Emirates


Great Places for Shopping in Dubai 21/01/2013

The less traveled road in the Emirates: visiting Ajman, Fujairah and Sharjah. 28/04/2012

Al Ain: Discovering the unexplored destinations in the United Arabic Emirates. 24/04/2012

Emirates Palace Hotel: A place to visit at least once in a lifetime. 19/04/2012

Abu Dhabi: modern abundance in marvels and progress 02/02/2012

Dubai: a modern oasis of luxury and leisure  02/21/2012





Tirana: A fascinating tale of rebirth 03/01/2012



Vienna: Hallmark of European Culture 03/01/2012



Leuven: Belgium’s historic university town 11/08/2012

Bruges: the charm of a fairytale town 23/01/2012


Bosnia Herzegovina

Sarajevo: at the crossroads of culture 19/02/2012



Winter Sports in Sofia Bulgaria 25/12/2012

Bansko Bulgaria: inspirational mountains for every season 01/11/2012



Istria Croatia: a hidden gem in Europe 23/10/2012

Split: intense beauty on the Croatian coast 09/04/2012



Limassol in Cyprus: eternal sunshine by the sea 23/04/2012



Copenhagen: the capital of the happiest country in the world 22/04/2012



Brilliantly British: Top London Landmarks 04/12/2012

The Isle of Wight: a seaside adventure 17/03/2012

Wimbledon: a small town with great champions 28/02/2012



Tallinn: a castle town in the heart of progress 09/02/2012



Helsinki: The amazing experience of a city that comes alive in Spring 14/05/2012



Strasbourg: a wonderful cultural fusion 08/12/2012

Is Paris really that beautiful? 19/06/2012



Tbilisi: a pearl of great price in the midst of the Caucasus 02/02/2012



Munich: an up close encounter 19/03/2012

Stuttgart: landmark city of culture, ingenuity and natural beauty 02/02/2012

Captivating Cologne 26/01/2012



Aegean Wonders 16/12/2012

Athens: Exploring the cradle of Western Civilization 20/04/2012



Greenland: land of untouched beauty. 07/05/2012



Budapest: a sincere scene of unspoilt grandeur 22/01/2012



Reykjavík: Iceland’s capital of nature 25/06/2012



Why is everybody going to Ireland? 15/08/2012



Hotel Review: Rome Marriott Park 15/01/2013

Padua: Italy’s historic university town 18/12/2012

Assisi, Italy: the firsthand experience of a traveler 11/11/2012

Florence: the city of living art 28/09/2012

Tourism in Rural Italy: A Journey into Puglia 30/05/2012

Norcia: gateway to the wilds of Italy 15/04/2012

Viterbo: a quiet corner of Italy 07/04/2012

Positano: a dreamy sanctuary by the sea 21/03/2012

Towns in Tuscany: entering the living painting of Italy 12/03/2012

The timeless captivation of Rome continued 01/03/2012

Rome: the city of timeless captivation 29/02/2012

Hotels in Rome worthy of an Emperor 23/02/2012

A daytrip from Rome: venturing to Bracciano, Italy 24/02/2012

Rome traveling tips 07/11/2011



Kosovo: welcome to the young Europe 14/10/2011



Riga: an experience of Latvia 03/02/2011



Liechtenstein: principality of the Alpine Rhine 31/01/2012



 The Maltese Connection: a weekend journey 06/02/2011



Montenegro: land and sea of rugged beauty 14/02/2012



Amsterdam: the city of waterside culture 12/02/2012


North Cyprus

North Cyprus: Traversing the Line 03/03/2012



Oslo one of the most fascinating cities of the world 28/05/2012



Warsaw: the city of rebuilt dreams 06/05/2012



Hotel Review: Penha Longa, A Ritz Carlton Hotel in Sintra, Portugal 20/12/2012

Obidos, Portugal: an amazing medieval town 19/12/2012

Lisbon: the lively capital on the sea 02/09/2012

Madeira: Of all islands the most beautiful and free 16/01/2012

The Madeiran Exchange: taking tourism to the next level 07/01/2012

Sintra: Lofty palaces of unrestrained beauty 07/11/2011



Poiana Brasov: a thrilling winter sports destination 07/09/2012

Timisoara: Romania’s energized cultural city 16/06/2012

Cluj Napoca: The charming treasure of Transylvania 22/06/2011

Bucharest: a cosmopolitan city with a home-style vibe 12/03/2012



Moscow: city of grand treasures 11/06/2012

Siberia: a journey into sleeping lands 27/03/2012

Peterhof: a palace worthy of paradise 16/02/2012

Saint Petersburg: enchanting dreams with a unique cultural appeal 16/01/2012

The Edge of the World 08/12/2011


San Marino

The Most Serene Republic: San Marino 02/08/2011



Belgrade: Serbia’s vibrant capital 13/01/2012



Bratislava: a city reborn 02/03/2012



Izola: the relaxed Slovenian sea town 23/12/2012

Slovenia: land of pristine waters and magnificent mountains 29/09/2011



Granada: the city of enduring legacy 08/08/2012

Alcala de Henares: the living town of the Spanish golden age 19/08/2012

Cordoba: the city of acclaimed cultural fusion 31/03/2012

Pastrana: a scenic Spanish village full of history 06/03/2012

Barcelona: coursing the capital of Catalan culture 18/01/2012

Toledo: Spanish gallantry upon majestic hills 12/01/2012

Madrid: the city of friendly delights 08/01/2012

Seville: The Mystic Gem of the Guadalquivir 18/12/2011

A Trip to Spain: In a village of La Mancha, whose name I do not want to remember… 07/08/2011



Bern: The delightful Swiss capital 13/03/2012



Stockholm: a verdant masterpiece  11/06/2011


Vatican City State

Vatican City State: a destination that guards some of history’s most fascinating secrets  11/05/2012






Samoa: hidden treasure of the South Pacific 23/05/2011


French Polynesia

Tahitian Bliss 07/11/2011



Travel Topics and experiences

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Traveling to the 2012 London Olympics  18/07/2012

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Renting a car when traveling 05/06/2012

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Five great places to vacation this summer. 03/06/2012

Top 5 hotels in Canada 29/05/2012

How to shop online for a vacation: tips so as not to turn the experience into a nightmare. 27/05/2012

For travelers: which credit card is the best? Does a traveler need a credit card at all? 21/05/2012

What everybody wants! How to get cheap airplane tickets? 17/05/2012

Studying Abroad: learn to travel for the rest of your life 14/05/2012

Tourism analysis: Why these countries are not playing their part in this growing market? 11/05/2012

If there is just one chance to travel these are five destinations not to miss. 03/05/2012

7 Real life travel destinations connected to great works of literature 02/05/2012

Why not to plan a winter vacation this coming summer? 01/05/2012

Religious Tourism: destinations which join heaven and earth 17/03/2012

Kuala Lumpur: a video of Malaysia’s bustling metropolis 29/04/2012

Best Kept Secret Hotels 04/04/2012

Wine Tourism: destinations to savor 04/04/2012

Following the Paths of the Apostles: Christian places of pilgrimage 01/04/2012

Colombia, Brazil, Uruguay, Argentina and Peru: five great reasons to visit South America 26/03/2012

Five ways traveling can make you happier 25/03/2012

Roles and Responsibilities in Travel and Tourism 28/03/2012

The Best Airport Hotels: here you will wish you could miss your flight 23/03/2012

Five cities one should visit on a tour of Europe: Tallinn, Bled, Dubrovnik, Karlovy Vary and San Marino 22/03/2012

Hurricanes, Earthquakes and travel delays: How to travel in troublesome circumstances 12/03/2012

Extreme tourism: challenging journeys to extraordinary destinations 09/03/2012

Traveling requires a dose of reality: Wherever good traveling is that’s where we’ll be 03/03/2011

Islands: hidden corners of heaven on earth 02/03/2011

How to avoid stress during times of traveling 23/02/2012

Why to share travel experiences with others? 21/02/2012

How to be a Happier Traveler 11/02/2012

Quality based traveling: understanding the purpose of value 10/02/2012

What is the price a country should pay to get tourists? 01/02/2012

Why not save when you travel? Ten very cheap or free activities in fantastic destinations 01/02/2012

The ups and downs of traditional ways of tourism vs. independent travel 20/01/2012

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Touring Rome’s Gelato Scene 03/01/2012

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Traveling with Children 17/11/2011

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Particular Cultural Considerations 31/10/2011

What are the advantages of regional tourism versus single destination trips? 22/10/2011

A stranger in a strange land 21/10/2011

The Joys of Traveling: Who we are and where we’re going 11/05/2011

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