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Category Archive: Romania

Sep 07

Poiana Brasov: a thrilling winter sports destination

There are a great many places across the globe to practice all kinds of winter sports. One who really loves to hit the slopes, be it on ski’s, boards, toboggans or even tubes will be familiar with places like Aspen, Zermat, St. Tropez, the list can go on and on. So what is remarkedly special …

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Jun 16

Timisoara: Romania’s energized cultural city

  Some countries for their size are quite predictable and uniform, perhaps the landscape doesn’t change much or the culture is fairly uniform and many cities will have a similar layout and even character. This is no way captures Romania. The central European wonder for several years and visits always keeps astounding me. The best …

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Mar 15

Eastern Europe: excellent destinations yet widely unknown

  It has been several years now since the fall of Iron Curtain. Here is not the forum to discuss political situations but tourism, still the imaginary curtain was indeed a real physical barrier when it came to accessing a good chunk of Eastern Europe. Today things are much easier. One does not need a …

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Mar 12

Bucharest: a cosmopolitan city with a home-style vibe

If I were to ask most people I know what the term European Capital City evokes in them, I suspect most answers would be similar. Some would mention the abundance of history and culture reflected in the streets, monuments and buildings. Others might point out the gastronomic treasures which abound from cafes to five star …

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Jun 22

Cluj Napoca: The charming treasure of Transylvania

Romania has been a captivating destination for me over the years. More than many other places and destinations on the world map it has it’s own personal character and atmosphere which really attracts me. There’s quite a spirit about the place or even a national identity which is down to earth, organic, natural and alive. …

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