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Archive for: Malaysia


Two great hotels in Kuala Lumpur

  As an icon of modern cosmopolitan splendor, Kuala Lumpur is home to a competitive and fantastically luxurious hotel scene. [...]

Celebrating Christmas in Kuala Lumpur

    I know it sounds different, but how can one choose to celebrate the Holidays in such a place [...]

Kuala Lumpur: a video of Malaysia’s bustling metropolis

The experience of Kuala Lumpur can literally make one want to stay and become part of the fast paced urban [...]

Kuala Lumpur: highlights from Malaysia’s city of energy and excitement

Like many cities around the world Kuala Lumpur is an ever expanding metropolis, a place where culture continues to blend [...]

Kuantan in Malaysia: An awesome find when one goes beyond the planned journey.

I was enjoying a refreshing cup of coconut water under the shadow of a big tree, this was a great [...]


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