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Category Archive: Guatemala

Jun 28

Antigua Guatemala: simply unforgettable

  While every place has its own unique setting and memorable features, there are some that are simply unforgettable. These destinations fix themselves in your memory and no matter what, when you remember them it is like being in the same place all over again. There may be no greater example of this kind of …

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Jun 26

Guatemala: a welcoming experience

  As a tourist I’ve gotten used to making my own way in the world. By that I mean in a good way that I have planned and executed many of my trips on my own or with fellow travelers. While I’ve enjoyed the acquaintances and encounters I’ve had with many places I have seldom …

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Apr 06

Guatemala: a perfect journey

Guatemala is a rather small country compared to many other countries. It is a nation with a vast array of treasures, with an amazing mix of cultures, landscapes, languages, food and tradition. It is most certainly a paradise for the adventure tourist and anyone who likes to get to know a destination not only from …

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