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Dec 17

An Excellent Restaurant in Bulgaria

Happy Grill


Happy Grill and Happy Sushi are bringing top quality foods in excellent settings to Bulgaria’s growing economy


When in Bulgaria one must sample the delights at one of the country’s fasting growing restaurants: Happy Grill. What’s more this isn’t fastfood, but a chic and modern place serving up an extensive menu of delightfully tasty cuisine. The layout is artsy with bright colors, big TV’s featuring music videos and a great looking staff who work efficiently.


The food is a combination of Bulgarian dishes, which includes lots of grilled meats and vegetables and a unique spin on popular continental dishes and even gourmet plates. The food is great, the portions perfect and the price is very affordable. The restaurant can be found in Sofia, Varna and many other mid to large sized cities in Bulgaria and in fact has recently opened its first international branch in Barcelona, Spain. There is a variant of the restaurant also known as Happy Sushi which specializes in fresh and speedy meal service at several locations including malls and hotels. When in Bulgaria be sure and check out Happy Grill, something uniquely local and tasty.



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