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Apr 04

Best Kept Secret Hotels

These hotels are some of the best kept secrets in their cities

These are wonderful hotels at some of the most exotic destinations the world. You may think that a stay here will cost an arm and a leg yet in these unique places the prices will not leave you sleepless, but allow you to rest easy.   Traveling does not have to leave us bankrupt if it did it would be a disastrous experience. If we want to still go but save some expense there are different ways to book, but lodging is a great place to start since it is usually equal to or greater than the cost of transit. Increasingly we are witnessing a growth and development in the tourism industry as beautiful hotels are flourishing at the most exotic destinations in the world, but these are generally beyond the reach of the average traveler. The tourism industry is growing by leaps and bounds and although this is a good thing, too often it presents new challenges especially in the area of affordability. We all want to go enjoy a pleasant experience, this means feeling welcome, safe and relaxed wherever we stay. In every city of the world there are good hotels that offer the full experience without thereby making us sacrifice all of our budget. These are the hotels that we call the best kept secrets. They are not just places to sleep, but accommodation to enjoy and have fun. Here we present a list of ten great hotels that we have had the opportunity to enjoy in some of the world’s premiere destinations.

Slovenia, Bled: Hotel Pension Pibernik

$ 75 double room, breakfast included


The home style feel of the Bled Pension

This hotel is located in one of the most beautiful places on earth and we’re not kidding. Lake Bled offers some of the most spectacular views that can be appreciated in a landscape. This region is known as the land of a thousand mirrors. The Pension Pibernik only reinforces the wonderful and beauteous experience of the area. The place itself is a bit hidden in the woods, it is surrounded by snowy peaks, a building made almost entirely of wood, with cozy rooms and impeccable friendly service, definitely by price, location and beauty this is simply the best place to stay in Bled. In fact I would not think of another place to stay in Slovenia period.

France, Paris: Hotel de la Herse d’Or

$ 130 Double

A lovely loft in Paris

Paris is a city of incomparable beauty. It is on the agenda of every traveler. At the same time is a huge city and one of the most expensive in Europe, making it difficult to find good hotels with prices that will not require one to take out a loan. Paris is immensely beautiful but time and again this is consistently the biggest complaint about a trip here. Rooms are small even by European standards and very often the quality does not match the price paid. The Hotel de la Herse d’Or is  however, excellently located in a beautiful Parisian neighborhood on a street full of restaurants, pubs and with easy access to the train station and metro. Rooms are of god quality and the hotel offers good service. Yes, it is sometimes difficult to get a room so you must book well in advance.

Greece, Athens: Art Hotel

$ 52 double room, breakfast included


The Art Hotel Lobby

Although the major attractions of Greece lie mostly on its islands, many visitors head each year to Athens, a city that is often criticized for being chaotic and somewhat unsafe, but the cultural and historical wonders that make up the scene make any visit to this metropolitan worthwhile. As far as hotels go the visitor is forced to settle between extremely expensive luxury hotels or rather mediocre, poorly located and unattractive hotels. As a remedy to this situation it is nice to find a place like the Art Hotel, where the staff will do their best to make you feel at home. The rooms are excellent and conveniently located. And at the end of the day who does not like to have a Jacuzzi in each room?

Thailand, Bangkok: Airport Suite Sinsuvarn

$ 35 double room, breakfast included


The Hotel façade

Being between connections and being trapped overnight in an airport far away can be a frustrating experience. The situation becomes even worse if one has had to travel for many hours. Many airport hotels are expensive, or do not offer good services or transportation to get there is extremely expensive. The Sinsuvarn hotel just five minutes from the Bangkok airport is an excellent stay. The place is clean, affordable and offers a quiet place to sleep. It also offers shuttle service to and from the airport free 24 hours a day.

Kosovo: Woodland Hotel Brezovica

$ 75 double room, breakfast included


Main entrance to the Woodland Hotel

So far few if any have probably ever heard of this hotel, or even Kosovo as a tourist destination for that matter. The truth is that the town of Brezovica set in the Southern mountains of Kosovo on the border with Macedonia offers an excellent ski resort and spectacular views. One of the highlights of the little known slopes is the modern Woodland Hotel, a family business that brings the best of Alpine luxury to this corner of the globe. Located just steps from the slopes and not far from great restaurants, bars and cafes, Woodlandhotel is a cozy and welcoming sight after a day of hard sports. The restaurant is also an excellent choice.

Morocco, Fez: The Pearl of the Medina

$ 105 double room, breakfast included

Room in the pearl of the medina   Morocco is a destination of choice, every day thousands of tourists head to the charming cities to live a magical experience. The pearl of the medina in Fez is a place worthy of the Arabian Nights. Located in the former imperial capital of Fez and presenting a lush villa in the middle of the old city, surrounded by ancient streets that transport you to another time. The service is impeccable and the wonderful atmosphere of the hotel rooms is compounded by the spectacular decor. Those who run the hotel are always ready to help guests even ahead of time. It is definitely a place not only to sleep, but to experience from start to finish.

China, Macao: Pousada de Mong-Ha

$ 75 double, including breakfast


The Pousada hotel in Macau


This place is a true five-star hotel, which has won countless awards. It is located in the top of many lists by prestigious travel magazines. So why is it so cheap? The Pousada de Mong Ha is an educational institution, run by the government of Macao, which aims to train those who will then go on to work at the posh five star hotels that fill the city. Macao is called the Las Vegas of Asia and it is rightly named as fabulous casinos are constantly crowded to welcome the millions of tourists are being attracted day after day to this destination. But things at the Pousada de Mong-Ha occur at a different pace, here the emphasis is on attention and meticulous care of all the details. Students are eager to show their savvy, so if you want to be pampered this is the hotel to choose in Macao.

Spain, Toledo: Kris Domenico.

$ 90 Double room, breakfast included


View of Toledo from the hotel lobby


Toledo is one of the most impressive medieval cities in Spain and perhaps in all of Europe. It possesses an exceptional history that is told by the fascinating architecture of this royal city. Toledo is the home of nobility and gentlemen, it is located on a mountain top which makes the views of it from afar simply marvelous. Lodging options are plentiful, but of them all we were smitten with Kris Domenico, It is an excellent hotel located about 10 minutes drive from the city center, with affordable prices, a very good breakfast, careful attention to detail and views of the city that is the delight of all those who have the good fortune to stay here. The price? One of the best to be had for a hotel of such a class.

Colombia, Cartagena: Hotel Star Oceania.

$ 90 double room, breakfast included


Standard Room


Cartagena is known as the heroic city, the pearl of the Colombian Caribbean and we have to say it rightly earns these appellatives. Cartagena is a wonderful destination with its beautiful walled city, which they call the stone yard. It is both the headquarters of the most important events in Colombian society and a place that one cannot miss as a point of reference in experiencing Colombia. Unfortunately for years Cartagena was running a bit behind in terms of the hotel industry, but this situation has been changing lately. The trouble is that the good hotels now have ballooned in price, but it’s nice to find a place like the Pacific Star Hotel, located in the best residential area of the city with easy access to main streets. It has huge rooms which are well furnished, with air conditioning and a fabulous breakfast. Pacific Star Hotel is an excellent base for exploring all the beauty that Cartagena offers.

Maldives: Island Resort Helengeli

$ 120 double room, breakfast included


A little slice of paradise


Some say that paradise has a name and is called Maldives. This group of islands in the Indian Ocean offers some of the most idyllic places in the world. Blue and turquoise waters are filled with colorful fish. The spectacular sea is even more inviting as it comes right up to your beachfront room. These deserted islands evoke romantic sensations. Unfortunately this destination has also been synonymous with prohibitive prices. Certainly resorts and hotels that are here deservedly earn their spots on the covers of travel magazines, but these places are those, which many have had to settle for seeing only in pictures. Fortunately, now more options are on offer and the wallet friendly Helengeli Resort is one of them. It is a beautiful place which does not reject the impeccable service and details that characterize the experience in these islands. The hotel is located on a solitary island, with excellent opportunities for snorkeling and diving. You can come here to rest and be with yourself.



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