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Our commitment


The Joys of Traveling has been from the beginning and will always be an initiative with full dedication to objective principles and standards in the Travel and Tourism Industries. Being committed to such a foundation allows all the content we produce from articles, to videos, to reviews and social media to be objective and based on real experiences. At the same time it allows for the collective creativity of our creators to proceed under a common ideal. This objectivity is also a concept which delights and reassures our readers and followers as they journey with us far and wide across the globe. This is our commitment our premise for producing real trip ideas, personal experience and analysis and discussion of travel.


So, Why to Advertise with The Joys of Traveling?


-This is a page that started as a personal initiative among three friends in their real life travels. As such it has never lost that spirit, one that encourages everyone to travel and suggests ways for all who are passionate about travel to achieve their travel goals.


-Our page meanwhile has developed a particular type of readership. Our statistics show that the majority of our audience consists of young professionals from the ages of 25-45 in English speaking countries. We primarily reach educated people who know what they are looking for in travel destinations and experiences. We have more than 7 000 unique visitors and 50 000 page views per month.


-The Joys of Traveling is well connected with many travel and tourism industries worldwide. On a daily basis we are interacting with major hotel chains, transportation authorities and tourism authorities. Our experience in the industry has grown immensely due to this and our list of contacts grows daily.


-Our website continues to grow everyday. Our stats show that our page has grown every single month since we began at an exponential rate. Every month we reach over 100% of our previous visits and our social media followings in Facebook, pinterest, youTube, Google+ and Twitter are continually expanding.


-The Joys of Traveling is a webpage that continues to be objective and dynamic at the same time. We are always tweaking our page, making it more accessible and interactive. We have great photo slideshows, videos and a vast array of articles and space for comments and interaction. Our objective principles guide us to produce the most fair and accurate content possible, while our creative approach seeks to always push the user experience of our website into greater versatility.


How to Advertise:


Our webpage offers a great platform from which to reach potential customers. Imagine if someone is reading an article about a destination or travel experience with which your company is directly located or has a presence in. We try to keep our advertizing space at a premium for aesthetic and competitive purposes, thus a potential client can see your relevant advertizing directly next to the article in a banner format.


We offer two ways in which you are able to advertise on our website:

1.   The Traditional Banner

In this method you may send a banner to us that we will put in the sidebar of our site on a page with an article that bears relevance to your destination.


Here are two types of banners that we offer:

The full banner is $50 USD per Month and The small banner is $25 USD per Month.

These are the standard prices (CPM) that we have assigned to these kinds of banners, we also offer discounts for banners set to run for more than one month. Should you have interest in advertising on a general high traffic page like the homepage or destinations index, please contact us for more information about those details.

Our prices are very competitive and more affordable than other websites. Another advantage is that we offer fully transparent and adequate information with statistics on each publicity purchase.

We are open to work different kinds of approaches like CPM or pay per click. As well if there is any other kind of advertisement that one wants to post we will do it, details must be worked out with our department of sales.


2.   A guest posting:

There are two types of articles one can submit to our site for publication:

-A guest author: 

This is written by a person or an agency or our staff upon request. The customer/advertiser controls 100% of the content. We will inform our readers that the story is written by a guest author meaning that it is a sponsored post. The cost for this type of advertisement is a one time fee of $200 USD.

-A contributor:

Is a travel article written by anyone subject to review from our editorial board. There is no cost to post it and no advertisement component to the article whatsoever. The author will be given credit for his/her work.

For any other prices or any kind of information you can always contact the department of sales:


Pay Securely


The payment for your advertisement can be done right here via PayPal. This guarantees the security of your transaction and provides you with a receipt and we can even send you an invoice. You may pay with a PayPal account or with any major credit card. The transaction will be quick, efficient and safe. We will respond as soon as possible to get your banner up and you choose the month period in which the advertizing starts.


Here is an example of how a banner looks in our page:

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