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Scranton PA: Touring the Electric City

  Northeastern Pennsylvania is a quiet region that has maintained much poise and equanimity over the years. Its most prominent city of Scranton is a place where nature and verdant mountainscapes are never too far away, all the while providing for the wants and needs of a charming urban scene. Scranton is a town that …

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Airport to Airport transfers, logistics to consider

  As today’s air travel and airline industry becomes ever more diversified especially in the realm of low cost carriers versus standard airlines and major cities with multiple airports, there are more and more questions coming to us from travelers about the logistics of moving from one airport to another.   Now this is not …

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Havana Cuba: the legendary island capital

  Havana is a city that certainly has seen great change and variety. In periods of ascent and decline, it continues being a vibrant and rhythmic place whose streets and historic quarters inspire fascination. Cuba has and continues to move through many social changes, yet tourism here has always kept a strong foot in the …

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Stockholm: a verdant masterpiece

Stockholm as a city is like a great big garden. The city seems like something from a fairy tale: It is a complete intertwining of blue canals, bridges, parks, gardens, flowers, palaces and stone paved streets.  The air always has a hint of crisp frostiness even at the height of summer, which gives pep to …

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Marseille: the shiny waterfront city

  France’s Riviera has always been a place of natural beauty and at the waterfront of Marseille the wonders of human artistry and achievement meet the shining sea. Still Marseille often struggles to stay ahead of the elements and sea-worn looks that accompany such a placement. France’s second biggest city is the European capital for …

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The impressive colors of Amalfi

Driving in the Amalfi Coast of Italy

It is probably one of the most beautiful regions of Italy, and in a country such as this a place has to be really stunning to be included among the best. The Amalfi coast is a group of little towns along an amazing  coastline of wonderful blue tones. Time runs here in a different way, …

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